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System Analysis and Technology Plan Development
ESS will complete a system analysis of your current system infrastructure and develop a plan to give you the tools needed to run your every day business effectively and efficiently. Based on the system analysis, ESS will recommend hardware, software and system elements that will allow you to maximize the utilization of your system, while providing the most reliable equipment on the market.
Hardware and Software Installation, Repair and Sales
ESS has 15 years experience troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Once a the problem is isolated, ESS will provide its recommendations to either have the faulty equipment repaired and/or have the software updated to the latest release, or advise to replace the existing equipment with current technology. By providing knowledgeable recommendations and reliable equipment, our clients can focus on running their business without equipment downtime.
Setup and Maintenance of Local and Wide Area Networks
Based on the initial analysis and recommendation, ESS will install all necessary hardware and sofware needed to build a state of the art Network infrastructure that will meet your needs. Whether your keeping your exisitng Software platform or replacing it, ESS will handle all of your conversion needs.
System Security
ESS, will make sure that your existing or new network infrastructure is secured by installing the best available hardware firewall that will protect you from hackers, viruses, etc. Also ESS can enhance your e-mail software by adding spam filters to block unwanted e-mail. Desktop software is also recommended to protect against unwanted spyware. By implementing a secure network, your system infrastructure will be much more efficient and reliable.
Website and E-mail Hosting
ESS through provides hosting of websites for our clients. From picking a domain name, to uploading your website, ESS will help establish our clients on the web.